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  • Make up for ever academies worldwide

    Founder of the professional MAKE UP FOR EVER brand, Dany Sanz, a former painter and sculptor, has always been passionate about teaching the art of makeup.
    She created the Paris MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY in 2002.
    Makeup addicts, beginner or confirmed makeup artists come to the Academy to learn or refine their makeup techniques and give full rein to their creativity.
    Each year, more than 500 makeup artists from the whole world train at the Academies worldwide.

    Create, Educate, Elevate, this is the mission of the Academies: to train people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures to reveal their artistic sensitivity and acquire the relevant techniques.

    MAKE UP FOR EVER Academies deliver a unique teaching methodology, made of demonstrations, theory, supervised experimentations and creative challenges, in-situ experiments with models, lighting and professional photographers.
    Dany's expertise and fundamentals are now available throughout the main regions of the world, namely, NYC in the US, Helsinki, Brussels and Nice in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai in Asia.

    The Academy's motto: CREATE EDUCATE ELEVATE

  • The Academy's vision: To train students from all around the world to the makeup industry.

    We will elevate the level of makeup artistry in Finland by training new and better professionals to work in the makeup industry both in Finland and internationally.
    We create new ideas and develop the creativity of our students. We will also constantly develop our teaching techiques and our teachers' competence by utilising the latest techniques and know-how from all over the world.

    We want to follow and spread Dany Sanz's vision about makeup artistry and realize her motto: CREATE, EDUCATE, ELEVATE.

    All our job offers, internships and study-work programs can be found on request. To apply, you merely send us a free form message detailing your interests or send us a copy of your CV. All applications will be reviewed and our team should get back to you as soon as possible.

  • All graduates from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy will be included in our international alumni network. Through it our graduates will be able to network with existing professionals and reach more work opportunities both in Finland and internationally.