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Our students and professionals in the field can order high quality products from MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional through us.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional make-up and tools are professionally designed products for any make-up section. Water resistance, sun protection and other extreme conditions can also be controlled with the right product choices.

All brand products are visible at Some specialty products or sizes can also be ordered, please email us for details.

If you want to order MAKE UP FOR EVER Professional products, please send an email to or fill out the contact form. We will send you a professional price list and delivery terms by email. Our course students and graduates are eligible for special rates.

Later, we are going to open our PRO LOFT store in Kamppi, where you can get to know the products.

Foundations and  base products

The range of basic products includes shades and compositions for all skin types. Make-up creams can be used to fine-tune the skin tone and moisturize as needed to produce a glowing finish. There are also different options for the poodle from the more common need up to 4K (UHD) descriptions. Blushes and Sculpting products are found in both powder and ointment.

Eye makeup and eyebrows 

The range includes over 200 different eye shadows with different compositions, as well as a wide range of pencils, creamy eye shadows, glamor, glitter and other necessary products.

Creative- and special effects

Creamy colors, water colors, airbrush colors, blood, latex, etc. SFX products for all theater and movie makeup needs.

Brushes and tools

All our brushes are handcrafted cruelty-free products made by Fair Trade manufacturers. They are synthetic hair combining several different fibers to achieve the best feel and shape. The stems are made of eco-certified wood. The range also includes all other necessary make-up and masking tools from make-up sponges and palettes to bags and make-up packs.

Orders and questions

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